Thursday, October 21, 2010

DIY Lighting Ideas

I've been searching for new lighting ideas for events. There are literally endless possibilities - these two are so easy to make at home. Lighting is essential to add atmosphere to a wedding/party...the feel it creates is priceless. And lets face it, no one really wants to be seen in full light, a softer light is nice and flattering :)

First up these Shell candles from Martha Stewart are a great idea. So many beachy weddings - and this is easy for you to put together yourself.

There's also Hanging jar lanterns that are easy to put together yourself from old jars you find around the place.

All you need is: 
-assorted jars (with a lip)
- fine gage metal wire
- Wire cutters
- And long burning candles, or fake battery operated candles for the Australian summer. 
- Its also an idea to put pebbles in the bottom of your jars to secure the candles.

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