Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A monster post

Ok, so we've been very naughty regarding the updates of our blog this last month. So today I have a monster of a post with various ceremonies and receptions for you to have a look at.

Our first off the roll is a reception held at Acqua Vita on the Swan. A modern reception, with clean lines and crisp white.

Next up is a ceremony held at Heathcote Reserve in Applecross. This is a very popular location for ceremonies. But I do have to warn you about the problems with wind that occur occasionally. Luckily on this day the wind was down and the sun was shining. 

Our next ceremony was held at Pier 21in Fremantle. In these photo's it almost looks like a tropical getaway thanks to the palm trees. 

And for our final location we have the Red Herring Restaurant in East Fremantle. This one is actually of two separate functions. The first, the silver and pink. The second only 1 photo of the light box and ottomans. I wanted to put in a photo of the light box as it shows something a little different, and I think its really effective.